Of All the Ways He Could Have Become

December 21, 2011

Day 25  (Final Post)

Of All the Ways He Could Have Become


Jesus could have walked into our world

from out of a richly green wood.


He could have lowered down

from a cumulous cloud

on a chilly winter afternoon.


He could have been found

washed up and wet on some middle eastern shore.


He could have arrived plainly

with a rap on any old neighborhood door.


He could have come to us old,

or showed up in His prime.


He also could have waited

to be created

suddenly in the science of a more doubtful future time.


He could have come with muscles and a treasury of

many unearthly crowns.


He could have come like Adam,

just simply being formed before us out of the dust of ground.


He could have met the world on a park bench

as the world passed along the way.


He could have thought the world not ready

and postponed it another century or a day.


Of all the ways He could have become,

Unpredictably He chose the way we most understand.


For life and birth is a miracle itself,

now running parallel and enriched in the baby birth

of the Savior,


the Son of man.


Final thoughts:  Blessings to you reader! This is the final “A Stir of Wonder” post.  The winter solstice is tonight.  This is the darkest and longest night of the year.   “Winter cold comes, hardening the earth, and the frozen world enters in. Like so spiritually in me, is there to begin a refraining, like winter, like faith.”  I wrote this is my journal this morning.  I head into the deepest night of Advent and draw connections to Light that is coming, Christmas morning and the birth of Christ, but in the dead of winter, I look forward to Spring, spiritually, the Resurrection.  May His warmth console you this approaching week and may your meditation of Him be as the Psalmist’s was of old, “sweet.”  (Psalm 104:34)  Merry Christmas!!


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